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Meining Group
Sichuan Meining Industrial Group is a diversified group with canned food production as its main business. It is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, a national demonstration enterprise for agricultural product processing, an AAA credit rating enterprise, the first first-class management enterprise for exporting canned meat in China, and a designated production enterprise for military canned food. It ranks among the top ten in China's canned food industry. The company was established in Suining in 1976 by the Ministry of Light Industry, the Ministry of Foreign Trade, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and was a national first tier export-oriented enterprise with a focus on fixed-point exports. The industrial layout involves food processing, agricultural and animal husbandry, pig and beef slaughter, catering, hotels, prefabricated food processing, and other sectors, forming a mutually coordinated and supportive industrial pattern
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Through wind and rain, one can grow; through setbacks, one can be strong. In any favorable situation, only by self-control can one move forward courageously and develop steadily; in any adversity, only by staying firm can one break through the ground and bask in the light. The reform and opening up have created a beautiful and blooming soil for Meining. Over the past forty years, Meining has not wasted any time, step by step, and has resolutely and steadily embarked on a unique path of enterprise with Meining's characteristics. It has accumulated rich and valuable research and development experience, and built a solid and solid corporate rock. Innovation is the unchanging purpose of Meining. Taking conceptual innovation as the guide, technological innovation as the means, and organizational innovation as the foundation, we always pay attention to market demand and comprehensively achieve product innovation. 品质,是美宁坚定的承诺。一直以来社会各界给予了美宁坚强的支持与深厚的信任,高品质的产品是对厚爱的最好回应,是我们持之以恒的根本。 人才,是美宁成功的关键。美宁因人才而发展,因人才而壮大,人才对于美宁具有举足轻重的地位。求贤若渴,以礼待之,奉若上宾是美宁发自肺腑的铿锵之声。 路漫漫其修远兮,吾将上下而求索。 美宁真诚期待与社会各界有识之士携手合作,共创美好未来

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For over 40 years, Meining has never forgotten its original intention and is forging ahead with determination
  • Intellectual Property Pilot Enterprises in Sichuan Province
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  • AAA Credit Enterprise
  • National Agricultural Product Processing Demonstration Enterprise
  • National Agricultural Product Processing Demonstration Enterprise
  • National Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization
  • National Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization